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Freehold Brokerage specializes in investment real estate in the Pacific Northwest. We are a boutique firm positioned to help clients grow returns and maximize value. Our custom solutions are tailored to meet the needs of investors and property owners who are looking to buy, sell or exchange residential, multifamily properties, and land assets.

Our Services

Acquisition Representation

Guidance from a trusted advisor and aqusitions broker is invaluable. Freehold is well versed in financial, legal and environmental areas of these transactions.


It is best to engage with Freehold at the earliest stages of a project or when a project is experiencing some difficulty. We have the market knowledge and technical expertise to direct or redirect our clients to realize their maximum potential.


Tying this information to market trends and opportunities put us in a unique position to answer all of a client’s unknowns, we can help our clients limit their risk while maximizing their returns

Disposition Representation

We provide our clients with comprehensive valuations and marketing programs and then go about implementing those programs to sell your property. We use our advanced market data to uncover buyers suitable for your property.

Value Recovery

We quickly size up our client’s needs and then go about finding the right solution. Freehold can provide financial analysis as well as economic & feasibility services.

Who we are

Freehold Brokerage’s team has a deep understanding of the investment real estate market and rich local market expertise in the Pacific Northwest. Our collaborative culture, with an emphasis on agent training and mentorship, allows us to put our team’s collective knowledge and expertise to work for you.  

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The RIGHT brokerage

Selecting the right real estate agent matters. The team at Freehold Brokerage is here for you. The best interest of our clients ALWAYS comes first. Contact us today to see how we can help you sell your home for the maximum value possible. 


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Whether your goal is to find an existing property to purchase or pursue a new development we would love to help negotiate the right deal for you. Our brokers have the experience to help you locate whatever you need. On the other hand, if you are a property owner in need of a buyer, let’s get started. Give us a call today.